We are Azure

Our commitment is to ensure medicines remain accessible, available and affordable. We are “small” Pharma with big ideals - a belief that we can help safeguard supply of the staples of the medicine cabinet.

Our Purpose

Older cost-effective medicines that are still widely prescribed and very efficacious need caretaking too.  Not having access to these medicines will have a major impact on patients’ health and on burgeoning healthcare budgets. Azure’s promise is to focus on maintaining supply of these essential medicines. 

Azure’s purpose is to safeguard the medicine supply chain for the continued betterment of doctor choice, pharmacy supply and patient wellbeing. Our commitment is to help patients live their best lives by ensuring that older, niche medicines remain available and affordable. And where these medicines can be re-purposed to better meet patient needs, then that is our aim too.

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azure pharmaceuticals Partnering Opportunites

Partnering Opportunities

Our purpose is to ensure that patients live their best lives by making sure their medicines remain accessible, affordable and available. We work through a global network of partners to achieve this aim and continue to seek like-minded organisations that have a similar purpose. If your organisation is like-minded, we are interested in connecting.

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